Ten random things about Krysta

  1. I have lived in 5 Canadian provinces (BC, AB, MB, ON, NS).
  2. I studied Microbiology & Immunology because I read Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone┬áin grade 7 and wanted to know more about Ebola.
  3. I used to write letters about current events to the Mayor, the Premier, and the Prime Minister.
  4. I was in marching bands for 5 years and still wear my red cowboy boots in July.
  5. I know how to play (in order of proficiency) the flute, piccolo, oboe, french horn, and trumpet.
  6. Kitten stretched across sofa.My cat has her own Instagram account.
  7. I’ve been to more weddings of strangers than of people I know – my grandfather was a Hindu pundit.
  8. I am a certified cheerleading coach.
  9. I hate the sound of snow under my feet.
  10. I’d rather be camping.

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