Approximately 1 in 2 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. I am particularly interested in precision medicine for cancer patients. My research has focused on gene regulation in different cancer types and how this affects the behaviour of cancer cells. Ultimately, I aim to improve options and outcomes for individuals diagnosed with cancer.

What is gene regulation? Gene regulation controls the levels of a gene product in each cell in our bodies. We sometimes think of genes as “on” or “off”, but there are so many different factors affecting the levels of these gene products that it’s more like a series of dimmer switches. Every step between DNA, messenger RNA, and protein can be modulated to affect the ultimate amount of gene products.

Why is gene regulation important for cancer? We usually think of cancer as a genetic disease that can be characterized by mutations (errors) in the DNA of cancer cells. Many of these mutations ultimately disrupt the regulation of genes that are important for normal cell behaviour. Characterizing the many layers of gene regulation in cancer cells can help scientists understand how to better treat patients with cancer.

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