Let’s talk about science! Science should be accessible to people of all ages – from children to non-expert adults to fellow experts. I love presenting science topics to new audiences – with a particular passion for DNA, genetics, and cancer.

Want to learn more about DNA by building your very own model? Join me as I build a marshmallow & licorice double helix with Girl Guides of Canada!

For this Science Slam, I talk about some of the intersections between identity and genetics.

My 3-minute thesis presentation tackles ‘precision medicine’ and describes my PhD research in breast cancer.

Art by Armin Mortazavi

In 2019, I wrote about the Gairdner Award-winning research of Drs. Bruce Stillman and John Diffley in identifying how DNA replication happens both quickly AND accurately. Read more to find out how DNA replication is not like your office photocopier – and keep reading to learn more about the Gairdner Award winners!

Let’s talk about leadership! Leadership is not just a position or a title; it can take many forms. Most importantly – leadership is not a function of age. I’ve talked with teens across Canada about compassionate leadership and how important it is to take care of yourself and demonstrate empathy. Young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow – they’re busy making change and leading in their communities today. Read more about what I’ve learned about leadership from girls!

Let’s make sure girls are part of the feminist conversation! I’m always happy to use my knowledge and skills to make sure people are thinking about issues affecting girls.
Girls are losing out on future job opportunities by closing doors to STEM early: interviews with CTV Winnipeg and CBC Radio / On The Coast.
Girls with strong in-person connections have a greater sense of belonging: interview with Global Vancouver Morning News.
The gendered wage gap affects girls in summer and casual jobs: interviews with CBC Radio Calgary and CFax Radio Victoria.
Girls experience sexism at a young age and this influences their perceptions of their future: interviews with CBC Radio.
Encouraging girls in STEM: interview with CBC The Spark.